Social Media CEO Reveals 7 Tips on How to Make 7 Figures as a Digital Celebrity

New York, NY, April 19, 2022 — Are you at the crossroads of your career and need to make a major pivot? Do your friends and/or loved ones think you’ve got what it takes to be a star on the internet? For those of you who are intrigued with launching a lucrative six-figure career as a digital celebrity and social influencer, LFM Management’s CEO, John Nelson, shares seven tips for content creators to build a successful digital brand. John walks the talk — he left his career as a NY State litigator and morphed into a digital brand entrepreneur, representing some of the biggest and most diverse digital celebrities around the globe — including viral streamers such as Keemstar (12.6M followers), DavidsTV (2.31M followers) and FGTeeV (27M), to name a few.

Here are John’s seven tips you need to know before you are ready for your digital closeup: 

1. Recognize YOUR Talent: Find what your “it” factor is and create original, authentic and passionate content around your strengths.

2. Be Patient, Consistent and Positive: You CAN make millions in this industry, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Have patience, post consistently, and be positive — the keys to social media success!

3. Post on Multiple Platforms: Expand your brand on new and multiple platforms to keep up with how quickly the internet changes.

4. Collaborate with Fellow Creators: Capitalize on trending and collaboration opportunities with your audience and fellow creators.

5. Know When to Pivot: Follow your gut instinct to formulate your personal brand and make spontaneous pivots when you feel the audience is losing interest or not engaging.

6. Brush Off the Haters: Learn to take criticism from “haters” on the internet with a grain of salt.

7. Be Thankful: Remember, you’re only as good as your audience’s reactions. Make sure you stay humble and acknowledge your audience.

About LFM Management LLC

John Nelson created LFM Management LLC to represent some of the biggest and most diverse names around the globe and seize sponsorship opportunities for them. A former New York State litigator, Nelson named his company after his first client introduced him as his “lawyer, friend and manager.” Today, the company specializes in brand relationship management for content creators, including FGTeeV (27 M), Fousey (17M), Keemstar (12.6M), Ricky Berwick (13.2M), RoraPickles (49.2K), PhillyBeatzU (53.8K) and Ship (253.5K), to name a few. In sync with the philosophy of the clients the company represents, LFM Management believes that its clients have built huge brands without being forced to embark on a traditional career path, and that each client’s “sense of normal” adds to their unique voice and popularity — a necessary ingredient to growing a substantial audience. For more information, please visit

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