How a Tech Layoff Provided one Founder all the Energy he Needed to Win Big in Beer

Rupee Beer was already in hyper growth phase being available across several large American retailers, but a sudden tech layoff for one founder last week provided him all the answers he needed to realize it was time to get strategic, and pursue his passion for craft beer full time with gusto. 

(New York, New York) – When Van Sharma, Co-Founder of Indian beer company received an email from HR at 12am last week saying he was being laid off from his day job working in customer success, he never expected his life was about to change in such a bold & drastic way. More than 150,00 workers are being laid off across the country and among them, many are choosing to go out on their own in hopes of more control of their future. 

“This was my first full time job working and living in NYC, and even though I pay attention to the markets and knew there was a lot of economic uncertainty brewing out in the market, I had never been laid off, dismissed or fired from anything in my life, so it felt uncomfortable, slightly confusing and to be honest, I had to Google what being laid-off entailed as an employee”

In conjunction with his day job, Van alongside his brother and co-founder Sumit had been laying the foundations on the side the past two years on building Rupee Beer, a beer strategically designed to pair with Indian, spicy & world flavors. The idea to brew Rupee came after a life rejig brought both 5th generation entreprenuers brothers back to America after living in London, U.K. & Melbourne, Australia the past decade at the start of the pandemic.

Both grew up in a successful Indian restaurateur family in the business for 45 years, and they always found it frustrating that they could not source any Indian beer in Maine – the least diverse state in America where their family immigrated from the U.K & Germany in the early 90s. 

The Sharma brothers strategically partnered with global craft brewing legend Alan Pugsley, 40+ year master beer brewer, lover of Indian food as a British expat, and adviser in having helped launch over 80+ beer brands globally. 

Brewed with pristine quality in mind and premium rice, maize, malt, and three types of hops, Rupee Beer dismantles the traditional lager experience by lowering levels of carbonation to allow for a more comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. Since its founding, Rupee Beer has been voted Top 5 Best Global Beers to have with Spicy Food, The Next Biggest Ethnic Beer to Watch, Winner of the Best Indian Beer at the Food & Drink Awards, Best Indian Lager Beer at the M&A Global Awards, and a Top Global 100 Winner.

Rupee Beer is rapidly expanding across the United States and is the first Indian-inspired beer to be available in the top three chains in the United States — Costco, Whole Foods, and Total Wine in conjunction with over 500 independent Indian restaurants and liquor stores. 

“Growing up in an Indian family, we are always taught to look at the world in a way where everything in life that happens to you is meant for your greater good, at the exact time in life it is supposed to happen. With the thousands of talented employees being laid off across the country, it sucks, but it’s also a reminder to me that hailing from a 5th generation family of entrepreneurs, is that life happens fast, and it’s incredibly important to always work on your dreams and goals outside of your day job, as things can change at a moments notice”

Rupee Beer is now being pursued as a full time endeavor for Van, with active launches in 10 more U.S. states scheduled, new retailers taking on the brand, and its global expansion into new markets across the European Union and U.K. 

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About Rupee Beer

Rupee Beer is the world’s best Indian beer specially crafted to pair brilliantly with Indian, spicy, and world cuisine. Founded in 2020 by brothers Vanit and Sumit Sharma, Rupee Beer was created to bridge the gap between the robust flavors of Indian cuisine and the beer industry. Designed and crafted by a world-renowned master beer brewer and award-winning Indian chef, Rupee Beer is disrupting the industry with innovation, history, culture, and class. Rupee is slow brewed to a traditional Indian recipe remaining all-natural for an unforgettably smooth taste and finish.


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