How Two Sisters Came To Make Glasses To Fit Everyone’s Face

 It’s odd to think that a design as simple and universal as glasses or sunglasses can have a racial bias. However, like many consumer products, eyewear is often designed for the average human. In most cases, glasses are for Caucasian features. However, KIMEZE is the world’s first glasses and sunglasses brand for those with dominant black and brown features.

KIMEZE was launched in 2021 by sisters Clare and Christina Kimeze. Christina was watching Westworld and noticed that the main character, Bernard (played by Jeffrey Wright), was wearing glasses that he couldn’t keep on his face. She remembered thinking how uncomfortable that must have been for him, then realized they were doing the same thing.

From that moment, they got inspired to be the change. They have been working in KIMEZE since then, and currently, their glasses are available in the US, with more retailers to come on NET-A-PORTER .

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